Field Day Photo Gallery

July 2007

New England group visit to 'Baramul'

Peter Andrews addresses the New England group on Day 1 of the trip.
Casuarinas regnerate prolifically and, along with the reeds in other parts of the creek, filter sediment and nutrients out of the water and cause them to be redistributed in the landscape.
It’s cold and it’s wet, but we are determined to hear as much as we can from Peter. Here we are at ‘Tarwyn Park’ waiting for the tractor...
NSF began four years ago at this site. There was no ‘coarse’ vegetation there at the time.
At ‘Barramul’, participants inspect rock work on the left and reeds on the right at this ‘choke’ point in the creek, while Peter explains the role of channels and choke points in the landscape.
John Winter-Irving and his mother Patricia trudge through the thick grass by the creek at ‘Barramul’. Patricia took detailed notes the whole time.
And out it comes, ably assisted by ‘the big red tractor’ driven by Peter’s son. Many thanks to our bus driver Peter for putting up with a bunch of overenthusiastic, cold, wet, muddy campers who caused him to get bogged. Layers of vegetation appear in the riparian zone as a result of successive years of regeneration. Wainie Robertson from GlenGro Landcare Group inspects the Casuarinas in the creek bed.