Action Plan

Below is the current list of priorities to transform Peter Andrews' NSF vision into mainstream practice. Assistance is always welcome. If you wish to volunteer your skills in any of these areas and be part of this great initiative, please contact our Support Staff.

Natural Sequence Farming



A1 Secure funds

Circulating submission for funding

A2 Cement critical alliances

Groundwork for possible CSIRO alliance on Dubbo project and Central Coast

A3 Establish corporate structure

Funds secured and finalising agreement on structure

A4 Prioritise expressions of interest

Focusing on project proposals where proponents have majority of funds or experience in submissions for grants

A5 Restructure website

Fur ther website updating proceeding

A6 Resolve Meadowland payments

Awaiting establishment of foundation structure. Discussions with Greening Aust.

A7 Develop landholder NSF indices

Developing concept for research funding through Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC)

A8 Complete NSF Manual

Meeting at Bathurst organized for 12 Sept and link to DIPNR

A9 Trial awareness program

Progressing with Ed and Training Team

A10 Document Peter A’s wisdom

Progressing with Ed and Training Team

A11 Publication of NSF Manual

Awaits completion of writing and resolution of funding. Looking to involvement with CMAs and DIPNR

A12 Address regulatory impediments

Met with DIPNR and distilling ideas for next meeting to focus on the Manual as a cooperative approach

A13 ISO14001 accreditation processes

Received information from Dept of Ag, Fisheries and Forestry and securing manual

A14 R&D submission for structures on Widden Brook

Working on submission to RIRDC

A15 Meeting with head of DIPNR re demo sites

Approaching new Premier and inviting State Ministers to Baramul

A16 Education program

Taking on and evaluating extra offers of assistance in developing education and training

A17 NSF prospectus

No progress – awaiting establishment of Foundation

B18 P Andrews’ wisdom

Being delineated with consultations on demo sites and development of funding submissions

B19 Marketing

Awaiting establishment of foundation to print letterheads and business cards – McKell Medal nomination being developed – field day at Baramul on 16 Sept

B20 Aligning NSF demo site neighbors

Working with range of adjoining stakeholders on Dubbo project

Consulting with upstream neighbour at Baramul

B21 Establish more demos sites

Working with stakeholders at Dubbo , West Wyalong, Central Coast and Bombala, Quirindi and Southern Highlands landholders

B22 Developing research program

Discussions with CSIRO and working on RIRDC submission

B23 Site visits by key stakeholders

Aust Govt Ministerial Advisers and reps from Australian Water Fund visited Baramul

C24 Watersmart application

Working up concept after consultations at Dubbo and with Watersmart

C25 ISO14001 accreditation

Identifying processes and assessing steps in process