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Paperback - C Format - 256 Pages

Peter Andrews has been a lone voice in Australia for several years, warning, cajoling and bullying the powers-that-be to change their entrenched and highly damaging attitudes towards the environment. He travels the nation talking to those who want to hear his message - and, more importantly, to those who don't.


Ever controversial, Peter Andrews, described as a prophet in his own land, once again challenges farmers, governments (federal and state), environmentalists and scientists to face the consequences of their actions. Unless attitudes change now, our lands, forests and rivers, flora and fauna, that we have wilfully mistreated for far too many years, will be degraded beyond repair.

About Peter Andrews
Farmer, horse breeder and extraordinary conservationist, Peter Andrew's was the subject of a two-part Australian Story in 2005, Of Drought and Flooding Rain, about his controversial vision for saving the Australian landscape. Peter travels the nation preaching his message that our environment is on the brink of disaster. Many listen, but still not enough of the powers-that-be are tuning in. This book will emphasis his message.

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