Newsletter - 19 June 2005

This email was sent to all those registered on the NSF site by 18 June 2005.

Dear ....,

Thank you for your expression of interest in Natural Sequence Farming following the screening of its development by Peter Andrews, as featured in the ABC TV program, “Australian Story. 

There has been an enormous response, reflecting the importance of Peter’s work to the future of our country.

 Your details have been entered on our database and communicated to Peter Andrews.  Peter will endeavour to answer individual comments. Given the number of questions posed, this may take some weeks.

 A training manual that describes and explains the process is being compiled and it is expected that a procedure to make it available will be introduced, following thorough testing and evaluation of its effectiveness. It is important to note Peter’s techniques must be implemented correctly to be effective, inappropriate application can cause unexpected results. Please do not attempt Peter’s techniques in isolation.

Your expression of interest is valued and we will continue to communicate updates on the progress to advance Peter's work.