Newsletter - 7 August 2005

This email was sent to all those registered on the NSF site by 6 August 2005.

Dear ....,

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Peter Andrews and his system of Natural Sequence Farming (NSF).

Since the overwhelming response to "Australian Story" much has happened thanks to the thousands of encouraging emails and offers of support.

Peter is chuffed and I think slightly embarrassed.

May I introduce myself.  My name is Garry Reynolds and I have been brought on board by Gerry Harvey to help the loose affiliation of long standing friends and new volunteers to support Peter in making things happen after his many years of endeavour and frustration. 

If you haven't been offered a task yet don't worry your time will come!

There are just so many opportunities that we have had to prioritise to manage the abundance of goodwill.

It is only fair that we share these priorities with you as you may be able to offer suggestions on how we can expedite them.

We are currently developing submissions to Government, the private sector and philanthropists as well as looking to form alliances with community groups interested in seeing Peter's principles applied in appropriate locations around Australia.

Some supporters are developing a manual and reference material to mount training and accreditation courses in NSF. 

They are trying to distil Peter's wisdom within a structure that ensures that his family receives some reward for those years of trial and tribulation.  This includes developing a realistic fee structure for training, consulting and implementation works.

Meanwhile Peter has been very busy visiting sites and presenting his ideas to interested groups. 

Supporters are also pursuing opportunities for enhanced research to irrefutably identify the benefits of NSF. Coupled with the research others have begun to reach out to more landholders wishing to establish demonstration sites.

In the process a number of people are working with regulatory authorities to establish agreements where Peter's methods can be allowed full implementation in a controlled environment with proper monitoring and scientific analysis.

Meanwhile, volunteers from various areas of marketing have contributed their expertise in upgrading the NSF website and developing materials to spread the word further. 

In the longer term we are looking to have NSF accredited as a recognised mainstream environmental management system.

In all these endeavours everybody from farmers, scientists, public servants, journalists, students, retirees, housewives (and husbands), academics and unemployed are making contributions large and small in their own way. 

But in the long run we will have to attract investment to fully achieve the aspirations that you all have for Peter and his methods.

So if you have some connections or ideas we will add them to the contacts and strategies we have begun to implement in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile we will continue to ride the wave of people power!

Thank you again for your interest and support for Peter and please feel free to contact us. 

There is no idea too big or small.

Yours sincerely,


Garry Reynolds



Note: Garry left NSF in 2006 after his agreement was completed.