Newsletter - 30 June2006

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Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) Update

Peter Andrews is leading an even more hectic life. He is speaking to groups across the country from individual landholders, surveyors, leading business people, scientists, land developers, Premiers and Ministers, Landcare and other community groups, and even Mikhail Gorbachev. The pace is likely to increase with the release of the ABC book on NSF in October.

Government funding has also been making a difference in setting up NSF demonstration sites. We are hoping that it will increase with a major submission to the Water Smart program just completed.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government is facilitating leading Australian and international scientists to build on Peter’s innovative approaches.

Already, NSF techniques on a 6000 acre North Queensland (mixed farming) property are showing outstanding outcomes. For instance, mango trees have tripled production with a quantifiable saving of 70% less water, 30% less herbicide and 83% less pesticide. Water salinity has dropped on the property from 3,000 parts per million to 800 ppm and falling, while nutrient discharges to the Great Barrier Reef have been all but eliminated.

Major players in the food supply chain are keen to see further applications of NSF on other crops in other landscapes using NSF’s chain of ponds restoration, strategic vegetation plantings, biomimicry of billabongs and wetlands, dual contour fertilisation and natural landscape hydration. The extensive use of mulching incorporating weed slashing is substantially adding to on-farm energy efficiency.

As agreed with the Australian Government and Gerry Harvey 12 months ago, I will be returning to the Public Service on Monday 3 July.

A major focus will be on accelerating the development of awareness and training courses.

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Support Staff

Finally, you can’t help to be optimistic about our future when you see Peter’s unbelievable resilience coupled with the amazing number of good people out there who are determined to do their bit to get our countryside back on a more sustainable pathway.

Finally, I thank all those who made this a once in a lifetime opportunity for me in trying to emulate your unwavering support for a whole new approach to our country’s major challenges.

Best wishes

Garry Reynolds

Note: Garry left NSF in 2006 after his agreement was completed.