Newsletter - 30 September 2006

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Water Smart Still Reviewing Submissions

Submissions to the National Water Commission are still being examined, with the Landscape Rehydration Alliance (LRA) bid still being assessed.

Some of the key members of the LRA team recently visited Canberra to present to Ministers and Members of Parliament at a Breakfast Briefing with positive results.

On September 6, twelve members of the LRA team went to Canberra to present to a number of key Federal members, including John Anderson, Peter McGauran, Gary Nairn, John Cobb and representatives from Malcolm Turnbull’s, De-Anne Kelly’s and Susan Ley’s staff.

The visit was very positive, with a number of ministers and members pledging support for NSF.

Sponsored by Alan Cadman, Member for Mitchell, he confirmed we may need to return for a second briefing to meet coalition Members and Senators in October.

Water Smart recently requested further clarification on the submission, and the response was submitted on Thursday, September 21.

While the Water Smart submission is still under review, the LRA team is continuing to gather support amongst the scientific community, academic circles, landowners, catchment authorities, non government organizations and the business sector, and remain hopeful of a positive response.


About Landscape Rehydration Alliance

The Landscape Rehydration Alliance is a multi-disciplinary team of farmers, scientists, process designers, academics, catchments authorities, Federal and State government departments, NGO’s, wholesale and retail distribution channel partners that have come together in a bid to demonstrate that many of Australian farms, catchments and wider communities can benefit from greater water efficiency practices in agriculture using NSF principles.