Newsletter - 5 April 2007

Peter Andrews appoints Duane Norris as his Personal Assistant, still fullfilling his role as Workshop Coordinator.

Duane Norris has recently been appointed by Peter Andrews to be his Personal Assistant. Duane’s appointment follows in the footsteps of the ground breaking work achieved by Garry Reynolds, in his tenure as Executive Officer, following on from the amazing reaction of Australian Story and more recently the role filled by Deb Mahony from Best Results P/L.

As a bit of background, Duane Norris became acquainted with Peter Andrews two years ago as a volunteer supporter. Last year, he was appointed as the Natural Sequence Farming Workshop Coordinator to laise and bring together the various groups wanting to attend the inaugral, landmark workshop. This role was paid for and supported by Southern Rivers CMA and the other workshop sponsors….see previous news

All correspondence and enquiries regarding NSF and Peter Andrews services can be directed to Duane Norris at