Newsletter - 27 July 2007

Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) Update

The Storm that hit the Hunter Valley
and caused a 1:100 yr flood

{Excerpt from the Newsletter]

'The graphic above depicts the Aboriginal Dreamtime legend of lightning. I thought the symbolism was akin to what I felt during the vicious June 2007 storms on the Central Coast and Hunter Valley. Since the last newsletter in April, a great deal of water has passed under the NSF Bridge, both literally and metaphorically. The low pressure systems on the NSW east coast in June brought record rains of over 400mm to some places and in the Hunter Valley flooding occurred at Baramul Stud in the Widden Valley, site of the ARC study program into NSF, suffering a 1:100 year flood whilst Tarwyn Park, which had been in drought for the previous 8 years, suffered a 1:30 year flood'.

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