Newsletter - 12 September 2007

AILDM with the support of AIH, AILA, NGINA, HMA Present..
The Landscape Challenge - Seminar 2

3:00pm - 6:00pm Tuesday,
18th September.
Ryde Bowling Club 11 Blaxland Road, Ryde

As individual landscape & horticultural professionals we understand climate change - but as a united group we need to create change !

So this isn't just an insightful series of seminars it’s a direct challenge to your current work practices

• Hear from professionals who don’t just talk about climate change - they are working with the reality and are offering alternatives - are you ?

• Leave the seminars with practical, proven ideas that you can convert into innovative business strategies which will give you the competitive edge

• Incentive to attend future seminars to continue learning about this essential area requiring development in all areas of our Community

As promised our global warming seminars would offer workable solutions for sustainable landscapes. All three speakers are experienced practitioners and have shown their enthusiasm and commitment through their work.

Jeremy Winer well known AILDM and LCA member and Director of Marsupial Landscape Management and ESD Landscape Contractors will discuss opportunities for designers and contractors in creating sustainable gardens through promoting and commercialising the important role a home garden can play in improving the urban living environment.

Jim Osborne(AILA) a prominent Sydney landscape architect runs his practice "Material”. Jim will discuss the evolution of the landscape architect: how he evolved his practice from a triple bottom line practice to a quadruple bottom line (social, economic, environmental and aesthetic) where environment was the newcomer. He is Environment Chair for NSW AILA and now is involved in environmentally progressive projects throughout eastern Australia.

Sidonie Carpenter, a Queensland AILDM member, is prominent in the “Greenroof” movement and was recently invited to study "Greenroof" approaches in America. She will share her enthusiasm and knowledge with us as she takes us through some of the "Greenroof" principles which are just as much applicable to a city garage roof as to a large industrial site roof.

We need to continue to be leaders, to find solutions and educate future landscape professionals.

You and your business can’t afford to miss this seminar series.

The Landscape Challenge continues
3:00pm - 6:00pm Tuesday,
18th September.
Ryde Bowling Club
11 Blaxland Road, Ryde

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