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Newsletter – October 2008

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‘Building Bridges’- The Future for Natural Sequence Farming  

Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) Update

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since we last sent out a Newsletter to all of our NSF supporters. I want to pay tribute to John Cooke, Peter’s cousin, who passed away suddenly earlier this year. He was a great NSF supporter and was responsible for maintaining our database and for sending out our emails and newsletters. John’s passing was a tremendous loss and he is survived by his wife Mandy and daughter. John’s passing is the main reason why we have been unavailable to send out our regular newsletters. May he Rest In Peace.

Peter and John’s other cousin, well known music legend Lonnie Lee who looks after the websites, will also take on John’s previous work.

The Natural Sequence Association Inc has been steaming ahead with five local chapters now registered and four of them incorporated. There are 3 now in NSW and two in WA and discussions are being held to get one in SA and Victoria and two in Queensland set up by Christmas. The WA Chapters are the NSA Avon Chapter and the NSA Mid West Chapter and in NSW the NSA Upper Shoalhaven Chapter, the NSA Upper Murrumbidgee Chapter and the NSA Warrumbungle’s Chapter. Anybody wishing to start a local Chapter can enquire in the first instance to duane@nsfarming.com and information pack will be sent out.                                                                   

Meanwhile this website is available to view the Associations activities.

The former Governor General of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery and Mrs Jeffery, invited Peter to attend Yarralumla in June of this year so that the GG could be fully briefed on NSF. Being keen environmentalists, both Their Excellencies had read Peter’s book ‘Back from the Brink’ and the GG has been singing Peter’s praises all around the country including at the opening of the Royal Easter Show in Sydney earlier this year.

After a briefing session at Government House, Their Excellencies and Peter proceeded to see a practical demonstration of Peter’s NSF methods at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms in Bungendore, the property of Mr Tony Coote AM. The GG was so impressed by the day that he gave an undertaking to take what he had seen and learnt to the highest levels of Government and would speak to PM Rudd and the relevant Ministers about Peter and his important work.


L to R. Peter Andrews, Major General Michael Jeffery, Tony Coote, Mrs Jeffery
at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, June 2008.

Many people have been inquiring over the years re learning more about Natural Sequence Farming. It seems Peter’s book has posed more questions than it answered and as a result the NSF Research Institute has been established. The Institute has as its primary goal the re-instatement of Peter’s scientific model at Tarwyn Park, back into Peter’s ownership, so that he can complete the scientific focus of his original studies. The Institute will be owned and operated by Peter Andrews Trust Foundation and the NSA Inc will be responsible for the production of the national training syllabus on NSF and its rollout across the country.

To this end the National Body of NSA Inc have recently applied for funding under the Caring for Our Country Open Grants scheme to support the development of a NSF syllabus. If successful, this will go out to a national tender and the syllabus will be written in collaboration with Peter Andrews. This project aims to develop a four level NSF Education and Training program that will satisfy the growing nation-wide interest in the approach and will ensure competent application of the method by landowners, planners and natural resource managers. Anybody wishing to receive further information on the NSF national education and training program can enquire in the first instance to duane@nsfarming.com and information pack will be sent out.

Many people will welcome the Proceedings of the First Natural Sequence Farming Workshop held in Bungendore, NSW in October 2006. All of the papers and power point presentations will be available for downloading from the Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority website http://www.southern.cma.nsw.gov.au as well as from www.nsfarming.com. There will be a number of addendums added to the proceedings as well as the results of the round table workshop where the 120 delegates discussed impediments to NSF and ways forward with NSF.

The Proceedings are ISBN 978-0-646-48336-8 are posted on the World Wide Web with Copyright © 2007 by Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority and All Rights Reserved. They should appear in the coming weeks.

Peter’s first book ‘Back from the Brink’ continues to break all the rules. After 2 years the book is now in its 9th reprint and it has received several accolades including being one of the 'Books Alive', 50 Books You Must Read in 2008. Peter’s dissertation is one of only two books on the environment and with sales now exceeding 50,000 it has been a best seller. ABC Books have commissioned Peter to write a sequel, ‘Beyond the Brink’, which is now released. The book elaborates on a lot of issues raised in BFTB including Peter’s ideas on how to restore functionality to the declining Murray Darling Basin.

Above. The cover of Peter Andrews new book rrp $35.00

Purchase it here with overnight delivery

In late October, Peter will be on tour again to launch this new book,
in towns and regional centres all across the country.

Check out Peter’s Calendar at www.nsfarming.com .

Since the December 2007 Newsletter, Peter has been busy. He has attended:


  • Danthonia, Inverell, NSW with over 250 people in attendance
  • Cumnock, Yeoval and Dubbo with the Little River Landcare network
  • Central Queensland with the Desert Uplands and Desert Channels NRM groups
  • Dungog, NSW, Biodynamic farm of J.Herbert
  • Warwick, Inside Out Management


    • WA NRM Conference in Bridgetown
    • Mallee Sustainable Farming Forum in Mildura
    • APC 9 Permaculture Conference in Sydney, NSW
    • Regional Television, Byron Bay


  • ABC Regional radio, Darwin, NT
  • ABC Evening Radio with Mark Trevorrow in NSW
  • BBC Radio 4


    • Marcus Oldham College in Victoria
    • Seeds Savers Conference in Gulgong, NSW
    • Opened ‘Water’ art exhibition in Gosford NSW

VISITS to Tarwyn Park and Baramul by:

  • Macleay Landcare
  • Lachlan CMA
  • National Willows Task Force
  • Integra Coal
  • Professor Jim Scott, Inaugural Chair of Sustainable Agriculture, UNE.

Thanks to all those who have been supportive to Peter and his NSF work. We hope you continue to show your support and interest in our Nation’s future.


Duane Norris
NSF Assistant
September 2008.


From Lonnie,  NSF  Webmaster

Hello to all,

I personally would also like to thank you for supporting NSF and hope you are able to glean all you need from the websites and the forum. We try to keep them up to date as much as possible, however as it is all voluntary, we sometimes may be a little late with information.

The Calendar on the NSF site shows most of Peter’s public appearances and any inquiries about those dates should be addressed either to the venues involved or to support@nsfarming.com

The forum at times is a lively place and we urge you to ask all your questions there no matter how trivial you may think they are. After all, it is there to answer questions for those who are just starting to look at NSF as an alternative as well as a support for those who are already instigating some of the advices freely offered by other subscribers.

 If you are wishing to implement NSF, we suggest you get a true reading of your property by Peter or one of his consultants before you commence any changes which may be suggested in the forum. Whilst NSF is basically a simply philosophy, each diagnoses will be different so consequently each solution will be different. Consultations can be arranged by emailing info@nsfarming.com

When you email any of us, please be aware that an answer may not be as quick as a trusty boomerang! As you know Peter and Duane are on the road a lot with NSF as I am with my shows. We do know you are waiting for your replies and always attend to them as soon as we can. Once again, this is where the forum comes in. It is a good place to air your inquiries.

If you have a change of email address please let us know as soon as you can, so we can adjust the database ready for the next newsletter. The new correct address for that is changeaddress@nsfarming.com. Although we will hate to see you go, if for any reason you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can send an email to unsubscribe@nsfarming.com. Please make sure you give us the correct email address to delete, as our database is email address driven, not name driven.

Your continued support is extremely important to our cause and we are hopeful one day soon, for the sake if our great country, those politicians and bureaucrats who have the power to make or break, will become as sensible as you are.

It’s common knowledge the loudest voice in the political world is the one which gets the attention. We see it time and time again and I personally think we have been too nice and passive. I believe if we want to get their attention, we have to start rustling some bushes and each one of us the ability to do that one way or another.

Thank you and if you have problems on the website, let us know at support@nsfarming.com

Good Luck,


Lonnie Lee
The original website - naturalsequencefarming.com


A personal message from Peter. 

The efficiencies of the Australian landscape could convert a million job losses in the present governments’ carbon policy, to a million jobs gain and the creation of wealth.

This could easily be done by sequestering the carbon in vegetation, a process thoroughly investigated and demonstrated as having been a natural process of the Australian landscape where carbons were once 20,000 years old and 7%. 

Today they are between 0.2% and 1.5% and only 2 to 3 years old.

With very little effort and cost we could have a new climate, a revitalised economy and we could lead the world in carbon sequestering for at least the next 50 years.

I thank you for your interest and hope that one day those who are in the position of power will finally help turn around Australia’s environmental misfortunes especially now in light of the world financial system collapse.

Best wishes,


Peter Andrews
October 14 2008