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February 18 2010




By permission of Paul Newell and Professor David Goldney

A Short Excerpt..
Amazing as it seems we take ages to learn the simplest rules of LORE that re-enfranchises nature and people as a whole. If we don’t impede nature in nature’s work, then nature will not impede us in the work we wish to do for ourselves and others!

“Landsmanship” is both a philosophy and a science, the natural ecology of land and water systems. It has the potential to enable us to facilitate a remarkable revolution in the way that we manage our farming lands and indeed to recreate sustainable Australian landscapes.

I hope this is helpful.

Paul Newell - Professor David Goldney

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Excellent article in US magazine - ACRESUSA
Biodiverse Forage
Written by Jerry Brunetti
Managing Director of Agri-Dynamcs

Shown on this site with the permission of JerryBrunetti

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Excerpt from email from Jerry Brunetti..

Many thanks for "Back From the Brink"! I feel like I know this guy. It's the kind of stuff I've been witnessing myself for several decades. It's so damn obvious how it works, if experts could realize that the solutions are both simple, yet holistic, which is what the "complexity" is all about. If we only could collectively admit the world is in grave danger and could collectively be enlightened to the realization that we can make a massive difference in such a reasonably short period of time, the forgiveness of nature being what it is, the divine spark within the DNA of every cell, firing 100,000 photonic messages and biochemical reactions every single second. So much of his experience emulates Louis Bromfield of "Malabar Farm", my hero of the 1940's and 1950's. Next week, I start my annual planting of willows along the riparian buffer. I try to plant 100-200 willows/year- fantastic tree. If I had a daughter, her name would be "Willow".