Peter Andrews' attempts to gain attention for his Natural Sequence Farming vision has spanned many years. His efforts have received wide media attention, some of which are shown here.

Please note that many of the source documents are not good quality, but are listed here to show the breadth of media items over the years. The sizes of the files are also listed as a number are large and will be difficult to view over dial-up internet connections. In some cases patience is needed as they may be very slow in loading during peak periods.

Many thanks to John Ryan at WIN TV for supplying some of the early articles.

Nov 11 2007 Here is the link to see the video of Ray Martin's Sunday program featuring Peter in a cover story titled "Chain of Ponds" Website
July 10 2007 ABC Radio Catalyst transcription and information Website
July 10 2007 ABC Radio National link for transcripts and audio of the Weeds Program. Website

June 4 2007
An update on our ARC Project.. "LP4455080_ Restoring hydrological connectivity of surface waters and groundwaters: biogeochemical processes and environmental benefits for river landscapes." Dr Richard Bush .doc file31kb
June 2005 ABC's Australian Story "Of Drought & Flooding Plains - Part 1"ABC's Australian Story "Of Drought & Flooding Plains - Part 2"

February 2005

Pacific Ecologist "Water Privitisation, Pollution and Profit". Vandana Shiva


January 2005

Sydney Morning Herald "Continent at risk of a dry tsunami". Paul Sheehan (link to SMH)

Sydney Morning Herald "Continent at risk of a dry tsunami". Paul Sheehan (PDF)


December 2004

Land "Water the lifeblood of 'Tarwyn Park'"


June 2004

Sydney Morning Herald "... effects if we keep trying to re-create Europe"


June 2003

Hunter Organics "Let there be water... A lifetime study by an Upper Hunter Farmer"


January 2003

Sydney Morning Herald. Paul Sheehan



"Crystal Clear Idea". Ray Martin